Wednesday, 3 September 2008


You know - the more flowers, fruit & veg we plant in Leabank Square - the less chance we get to see our lovely homes from across the canal.

That's why it is great that cyclists, ramblers, joggers, dog walkers - hell even joy-riders - sometimes take pics of Leabank Square from that side to show us what it looks like.

Thanks to for putting this great pic up on flickr for us all to see!!

Any more photographers out there - please let us know if you put any pics up anywhere - so the more lazy of us here in Leabank Square don't have to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND just to have a look!!

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Stuart said...

Hey Sóna

Isn't this marvelous shot of our handbags flowers?!

I'm sorry I ever doubted you mate - they actually do look great!!

You know - even if we all could've afforded to get proper planters - I'm glad we got the recycled handbags anyway!!

I think we should all stick to them - even when we need to replant!!

Why don't you ask Ployvinyl to come & do a walkabout in Leabank Square & do more pics?! S/he really has a sharp eye!


Matt said...

Hi Sóna

Super photo of our handiwork!!

I think I'll get the white paint out this weekend & tidy up the 'U' in 'square' tho'!

Never noticed that it could look like a 'W' instead.

Thanks to Polyvinyl for showing us a great view of our Square!

Next time Polyvinyl - come over and take a walk around our Square and please put some more photos up. You're bound to see it from a completely different persepctive than us.


Debbie said...

Hey Matt

If you're thinking of doing it on Sunday - we can give you a hand.

Gotta get it smartened up before the Hackney Wick Festival!!

Nice pic Polyvinyl! Come to the festival on the 27th and take loads more why don't you? We'd love to have you!!


Su said...

I love this pic!!

It's great that we now have access to the riverside and can see the flowers in the handbags for ourselves, but I still love this pic for the view!!

Nice one Polyvinyl!!


Gerald said...

Hi Sóna

For someone who can't get to the other side of the canal - this pic is a lovely view!

Polyvinyl thanks for posting this one up on your site. The rest of your pics are really great too!