Monday, 15 September 2008

Leabank Square Mosaic

Tracie has come up with an absolutely beautiful idea!!

Create a lovely Leabank Square mosaic mural in the square on the day of the festival!!

To do this - she needs as much old crockery as possible. So if you have any old cups, saucers, plates, mirrors, tiles, sequins, mugs, - in fact anything hard, durable & colourful that can be smashed up into smaller pieces - and stuck into wet cement!!

Check out your cupboards - is there anything chipped, stained, mismatching - or just too unfashionable - please bring it along to the Riverside wall on the Leabank Square Festival day - Saturday 27th September - as if you didn't know the date off by heart already!!

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1 comment:

Su said...

Hi Sóna

What a truly excellent idea!! Good on you Tracie!

In fact I think we should put up a whole series of mosaics around Leabank Square in the future. I particularly like the fact that it's a workshop, so we can ALL have a crack at it.

You see what I mean about Leabank Square being on the up? We are doing it for ourselves Sisters (& a few brothers!)