Monday, 8 September 2008

Leabank Square Quayside

A very large round of thanks to Jamie Rhodes & his crew from Carrillion/Morrison Construction in the Olympic Park - who cut through the old lock the obstructed all of us from enjoying our quayside!

In a few seconds the disc cutter sliced through the lock & we are all free to enjoy this incredible peaceful riverside once again.

Before we had to all use the rickety old step ladder & many of us felt a bit too spooked to climb over it - but now - all we have to do is unlock the padlock & enjoy!!

Jamie - thanks heaps for doing this for Leabank Square - we all love you guys forever!! Thanks too for the brilliant new lock as well!!!

I am cutting about 10 keys & will hand them out to 2 people per block. As soon as I've done that - I'll let you all know who has a key on your noticeboards - and here on this blog. If you want a copy - then please borrow it from the person in your block & make your own copy.

The most important thing to remember is that we need to keep the gate locked at all times!

There are loads of little children here in Leabank Square - and in the blink of an eye - they can climb up the stairs & be exposed to the canal. Please EVERYBODY - if you see the gate open - PLEASE nip up the stairs & lock it - for the safety of all our children!!

Thanks once again to you Jamie - long may your relationship with Leabank Square continue!!

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TaggerX said...


Free at last!!

Who was the idiot who lost the key in the 1st place?!

What a pleasure it's going to be to simply unlock & barbie again!?

No Disrespect Sóna - but your ladder was just too rickety man!


Sue said...

Hi Sóna

Hooooray for Morrison Construction!!!!

This is great & just in time for the festival AS WELL!

Had a cuppa on the canal this morning. Besides the bloody noise - all was well with the world!

Thanks Morrison


Mary said...

Hey Sóna

You know - I actually can't remember the last time I went onto the bank & sat down on the bench & just chilled!!

Sunday was great (there was no noise coming over) & we were trying to remember when last we had access to the bank. It must have been about 10 years ago now.

I know you guys are always over - but then some of us are not as sprightly as we once were!?!

Anyhow - what I want to say - is that the Hanging Bags of Leabank Square look absolutely gorgeous!!

I have only ever seen them from the other side of the canal. But to walk along them and see each individual collection is going to be the highlite of my day from now on. And this is only possible because of those lovely people from Morrison's.

I'll thank them personally if I ever run into them while they're checking the microphone. But please thank them from me when you next see them okay?

Cheers Mary

Pete said...


It's like the old days again!!

Except for the bloody noise & dust coming over from the Olympic lot (is that a second soil washing plant I see being erected? Did you know about this Sóna?).

I love being able to sit with my fishing rod & a flask - watching the world go by!!

Thanks to everyone who organised this!!


Lucy said...

Hi Sóna

We had a fantastic breakfast on the Riverbank this morning!!

The sun was shining - the noise from the Olympics was quieter - the birds were singing - the geese came begging......

Perfect! Thanks Jamie & Sóna!!


Lucy said...

Hi all!!

What a great barbie we all had last week!?

It was so brilliant to see so many residents all chilling together, and chatting about the new association. I'm getting very excited about Leabank Square's future!!

What magic it is to get back onto the riverside like we used to in the beginning!! Reminds me of the old days!

What a pity the Olympic people have chopped all our trees down that we've planted over the years!!

Never mind, we'll get back to planting again.

Thank you to the Morrison people for opening up our riverside again.


Felix said...

Jamie's Da Mann!!

Thanks for getting us our river back man!

Nang BBQ da udda day 2!!


Geoffrey said...

Hi Sóna - its Jeff here!

These guys from Morrisons were the actual stars of the Festival.

They were the ones who got all our visitors onto the Riverside!! That seems to be where the most fun was had last Saturday.

I hope you invited them along as well!!