Friday, 5 September 2008

Mabley Green Adidas Outdoor Gym!

How about this for a brilliant bit of consultation?!

Hackney Council want to know from all of us - what we want in Mabley Green. For the newer residents to Leabank Square - this is the amazing park at the bottom end of Berkshire/Osborne Road - just behind our Community Centre.

As it is - it has loads of wonderful places to play sports in - plus the new climbing rock of course ( - but now..............

Adidas want to build a fantastic new outdoor gym for us all to use for free!!!!! (These Adidas Outdoor Gym photos are from the 1st one finnished in Mile End Park).


If you want to tell Hackney Council what else you think should go onto Mabley Green - please can you fill out the linked questionnaire ( - and tell them your wish list!

Leabank Square - our Wick is changing - quickly & for the better - but it's changing!!

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Sue said...

Hey Sóna

This is one of those 'chicken & egg' senarios isn't it?

We don't get an outdoor gym for free, we get it from a sponsor, but they stick their logo & stripes all over it, thus indoctrinating our kids from such an early age!?

This is exactly what we spoke about on when fast food companies stuck their filthy ads right in front of our faces for years?!

Having said all that - we need many more of these outdoor gyms ALL OVER Hackney. Please can you write to Adidas & beg them for any left over equipment for Leabank Square's green?

Let's turn the green into our version of LA's Venice Beach with rippling torso's all out on show for us bored housewives to look out of our windows onto!


Where was I?

Oh yes...... Chicken & eggs.

Being THE poorest borough in the land simply means that we WILL get sold to - in order to get what other richer boroughs get as a matter of course.

Lets just accept that, buy into the system, and beg the sellers for more goodies.


Alfie said...

Hey Sóna

I reckon this gym is going to be a very much used local resource around here!!

I know it's adidas - but frankly how else are we ever going to get amenities like this built in The Wick?! Hackney Council cannot afford it!!

But I bumped into some geezer from the Mabley Green Users Group who was extremely grumpy about 'all these changes' happening to the green!?!

I sort of agreed that there was a lack of consultaion - but everything else he said was tosh frankly!!

Hackney has the highest rate of childhood obesity IN THE COUNTRY (!!!!!!) - so we desperately need many more of these gyms dotted all around our area!

Anyhow - if I sopt him at the Festival - I'll point him out to you. Have a word with him please, he was grumping everyone who was trying to climb the rock!


Matt said...

Hello Sóna

I saw the amazing adidas gym over at Mile End park at the weekend!

I can't wait for it to be installed here in Mabley Green!!

I tried out a few of the things - BOY!! do I need this gym!


Pete said...

Hi Dude

I was serious at the Festival - please can you write to Adidas and ask them to install some of them here in Leabank Square?

They would be ideal for down there on the green! They would keep all sorts of people out of mischief!!