Saturday, 6 June 2009

Leabank Square Orchard

It seems like ages ago that the Olympic Delivery Authority chopped our Orchard down to make way for all that noise & dust that is in its place!!

But all hope is still not lost!

We have just applied to have a mini orchard planted right here on our green!!

Imagine this.......

..... you turn the corner into the entrance of Leabank Square - see the edible garden directly in front of you - then behind you see a row of British apple, peach, pear & cherry trees!!

The most logical place to plant them would be along the fence in front of the middle block - so that they grow on the green - and in years to come will provide fruit & shade for the whole of Leabank Square.

The trees will shade & feed both the green & the middle block courtyard - this means that all the downstairs residents in the middle block need only open their front doors - stroll a couple of metres - and pick some cherries for the breakfast!! How posh is that?!

Anyhow - we have only just put the application in - so here's hoping!!

We have also sent off a letter to British Waterways to get permission to reinstate our orchard across the canal - but this time in front of the Olympic Electric Fence. This will hopefully bring some greenery back to our view across the canal. Take a look at the aerial pics above - it will never be that green & luscious again - but about 20 fruit trees along the electric fence should go a short way to improving the lives of Leabank Square again!!


Mary said...

Hey Shona
What an excellent idea! I know I would probably have popped my clogs by the time there is any real fruit on them, but all trees are legacies aren't they?
I can see leabank square in about 10 years time with an amazing garden, backed on by a row of delicious fruit trees!

William said...

Rubbish Mary! You'll be munching away on them scrummy cherries with the rest of us for many years to come! Sóna, please try your hardest to make this happen mate! I would love to see ANY trees greening Leabank Square while cycling through our entrance.
But FRUIT TREES!! Top idea!

Abdul said...

Hi Sóna
We have always needed trees in the Square anyway, but fruit trees will be just the ticket.
And of course we will will have to prune them every year, so they can always be trained not to be too overbearing, like a leylandi!
I tell you what, Leabank Square is never going to have to go to a supermarket in a few short years time.
Lets go for it!

Anonymous said...

Make sure that either you get self-pollinating varieties or sets of compatible pollen donors/recipients. Otherwise you might have a long wait! (Though you'll still get the flowers).

Su said...

Hi Sóna
Can we not ask the Olympics for some of those big trees they are putting all around their welfare centre?

Only 4?

We could put 2 at the entrance on the pavement - and 2 at the back on either side of the steps up to the riverbank?

Please could you ask them, it would make us feel as though having lost the orchard was a tiny bit worth it.

Anonymous said...

as much as i think this is a good idea i dont think it would be right to plant them where u suggest as that will onstruct the view of the residents on the ground floor of the middle block.

BusyBee said...

Hi Sóna
I know what anonymous means. The world is divided between those that like looking at buildings, and those that like looking at trees. I guess he likes buildings like all blokes do, me, I love trees, and although I live on the top floor of this block, I'd love to have green leaves right outside my window rather than see all the buildings all around us. For me there are not enough trees in our lives, but anon, to be fair wants more buildings, thats what makes our world such a lovely place, we're all different.

Alan Marsberg said...

Hi Sóna
I'm sure you told the London Orchard Project that we would only like to put Dwarf Fruit Trees along this fence didn't you?
I seem to recall that you knew that the residents wanted to still see over the fence, and that the apples, pears & cherries should be trellised along the fence, as apposed to be left to get too high?
Anyhow, as we seem to have lost the grant, we are discussing something for nothing.
Nice try though!
Alan Marsberg