Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration Barbie in Leabank Square

Pic: Ben Broomfield
Pic: Z
Pic: Z
Pic: Z

Pic: Z

Pic: Z
Pic: Ben Broomfield


Our biggest & bestest barbie ever!!

The Leabank Square Barack Obama Inauguration Barbie was such a hit that we almost ran out of hotdogs!!!

On one of the coldest nights of the year so far - it was so warming to see so many of us turning out for this celebration!! Of course - this is nothing compared to the actual event!! We still are very much hoping to secure President (Oh! It feels so much better to say that now!) Obama for a barbie here in July 2012!!

We know for certain now - that he will be a few metres from us here in Leabank Square at the opening ceremony - and it would be a 5 minute walk from the stadium to us. Please continue to send all the letters we drafted to his team in Washington. The more we remind them - the greater the possibility.

We can't simply rely on the luck that we are the first & only item booked into his diary for then - we still need to work on it!

Thank you to everyone who made the barbie such a success - each Leabank Square event just gets bigger & better than the last one! And that's all down to you all!!


Lucy said...

Ahhh im so upset I didnt make it!
I got in late from college and completely forgot until about 7.30 and guessed it must've been over by then.

Zoulla said it was really good, so im glad everyone had a good time.

Next time!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Lucy

We all missed your whole family!! It was partly my fault in that I didn't do a leaflet this time. We saved a bit of money so that we could buy more sausages - and boy did we need them?!

I tried a last minute knocking on doors - and it only worked with those who were in - but I missed you - sorry!

But we'll be having heaps more barbies this spring & summer. I will personally drag you all up to the riverbank for the next one - promise!


Lucy said...

Haha well I'll definitely be along for the next one!

I'll just have to keep checking the blog to keep up-to-date with the events ;)

We're looking forward to Spring and Summer. Let us know if you need any helping planting in teh square, we've already planted bulbs and have got a few packets of seeds ready. I'll be planting some extra sunflowers for the square too!


Su said...

Hi Sóna

Sorry I couldn't make it as well - but I was on shift.

The pics look fantastic, and the hotdogs look delicious.

Well - here's hoping that President Barack Obama (it feels great finally being able to say that!) still has our date in his now VERY busy diary!?!

It will be the greatest legacy for Leabank Square EVER!!


Guardian reader said...

I know you guys aren't actually jingoistic (well, I'm assuming you're not), but were you that desperate to get in the local paper that you had to make your kids wave union jacks and stars and stripes?

Very sad, and very disappointing.