Thursday, 10 September 2009

Security Alert Block 1-18

Due to the increase in break-ins in the last few weeks, I have been asked to remind everyone to be a bit more alert.

Please don't turn a blind eye to anyone you don't know going into or coming out of flats & houses. It doesn't cost anything just saying hello and making eye contact with anyone you're not too sure of. They may simply be innocently visiting one of your neighbours - but as we have unfortunately seen - not everyone has had good intentions in the last few weeks.

This is especially true of the front Block 1-18 at the moment. The re-decorating scaffolding should be down in 4 weeks time - but please be that extra bit vigilant while it is up. If you normally leave your doors & windows open because no-one can climb up - just remember to close & lock them when you go out - while the scaffolding is up.

And if you have any security worries - please phone Sergeant Port & the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 020 8721 2938 or 07879 481057. And please also put 15 October between 7-9pm at the Wick Community Centre (Old Baths) down in your diary. This is when we can chat to the team about any concerns we may have.

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Anna said...

Hi Sóna
Got a story to tell you!!
Phil, one of the painter/decorators doing up the block, has said something very interresting about the work they're doing.

They have to prepare the wood around the doors & windows before they can do any painting. Well, they were wondering why they were struggling so much. Its taking much longer to get the old paint clean and prepared. So he asked his dad to come and have a look, as he did the same job 3 years ago.

It turns out that there is a really thick layer of greasy dust on all the woodwork. His dad says that it could only have come from the olympic site. He has done Leabank Square every 3 years for the past 15 years, and has never seen such a build-up of grime mixed with thick dust!

If this is whats going straight onto our windows, what is going into our lungs?!