Friday, 5 February 2010

Birds of Leabank Square - Kestrel

High Up in the Tree

A Poem by Shanthi, Safiri & Nadira Abantu-Choudhury

He sits perched high up in the tree
Such majestic presence and beauty
Watching, waiting, until oblivious ones stir
Be very careful, little ones of fur

Eyes that can see far and wide
There will not be much time to hide
And yet he sits and waits amidst the urban blare
Quietly focused with a stealthy glare

Now that we have glanced upon this creature of prey
We long to glimpse his beauty for just one more day
But who knows if he will return to the old Sycamore
We cannot say, for this is the way of nature’s law

He sits perched high up on the tip of a tree
Below him flows the River Lea
And beside the lost fields of Hackney Wick
He’s probably feeling slightly sick


Matt said...

Absolutely brilliant poem, specially the last line.

Maria said...

Well Done you 3! Not only have we another amazing bird in Leabank Square, but 3 brilliant poets. I love this poem.

Dirk said...

I saw it earlier today as well. Dont you feel priveledged that we have such a magnificent bird visiting us? Poems good too.

Su said...

You had me choking on corn flakes this morning!! All poetic, stanzanic and Bob Dylanesc - and then the last line hits your funny bone!!
Thanks Poetic Trio

Anonymous said...

Gerard Manley Popkins!