Sunday, 7 February 2010

Make Your Hackney Council Tax Work!!

A couple of years ago, Maria gave us a brilliant website called FixMyStreet ( to use to report any broken street lights, fly-tipping, dog poo,potholes, abandoned cars, graffitti, broken paving, businesses spilling out onto sidewalks, etc in Hackney Wick.

Please use this amazing website to get more value for your council tax. All you do is report something you don't like around our streets - and they send it to the relevant department in Hackney Council - and keep reminding them to fix it - until they do.

And today, José told the team cleaning up this weeks fly-tipping about a mobile phone App coming soon as well. It's called Citizens Connect - and it will do the same thing. Apparently - you can take a photo with your phone, send it in, and it will work out exactly where it is through some clever GPS software.

Please don't assume someone else is going to do it, please just do it yourself, and then sit back & watch Hackney Council work on your problem.


Tony said...

Nice one, I've just sent one off about those people in Central Books who clog up the pavement all the time.

Anna said...

Me too! I just sent one off about that geezer who gets his dog to poo in the planters across the road. He literally has trained his dog to poo in the actual flower planters!