Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hackney Wick Flea Market a Great Success!!

Hackney Wick bid a fond farewell to the Main Yard Gallery today with a great Flea Market.

As we all know - the building is due for imminent demolition - and that's why it was lovely of Man Hon Luk to site one of his amazing Flea Markets in this gallery. There were many amazing stalls - but of course - we need to big up Isabelle and her delicious French (of course) onion soup. She did Leabank Square proud while Martin kept MartabelleK open for the rest of the Wick.

I was particularly chuffed to bargain an amazing saw for the gardening club - Wow - thanks Dirk!

Anyhow - if you missed the Flea Market - check the pics out. There are more at:


Matt Woods said...

I only got there nearer the end as I was busy in the morning, but still enjoyed it. I picked up a book and some lovely oil on canvass paintings.

Leabank Square said...

Hello Matt
Thanks for the quick response this morning! The point about rosemary is great. Have you ever grown it from cuttings before? If so - please could you hold a masterclass for the rest of us. Imagine if we could have a stream of purple lavender all around the green's borders?!
Any time you need to borrow a saw - just shout - we love our bargain!!
Nadira & Sóna

Isabelle said...

I love the support, the community spirit, Matt well done I saw your bargain that day, I hope that it looked nice on your wall.
And of course Sona, never missed a opportunity, I love it.
Well It was a nice day to promote Martabelle.k and also to be proud to be part of the Wick. And hope that soon we will bwe able to use those lovely herbs from our home and gardening club Leabank Square.