Sunday, 7 February 2010

Take That!! Fly Tippers!!

Thank you so very much to everyone in block 62 - 73 who turned out this afternoon to clear up the horrible mess dumped in front of our door.

What would have taken us a whole day to clear up - was done in a couple of hours!

Thanks to Matt, Adam, Wayne, Paul, Tony, Dee, Sóna & Nadira - who all really worked hard making the sidewalk and road clean and sparkly again. With neighbours like these, Leabank Square is a lovely place to live in.


Tom said...

Good on all of you! Thanks for clearing it all up. I know it was your door, but the whole middle block had to look at it as well. Thank you.

Gill said...

What a difference a day makes?! I go to do an 8 hour shift, come back and all the rubbish has miraculously dissapeared! Thanks guys.

Debbie said...

Thought it looked different this morning. Thanks for clearing it up, much appreciated.

Paul said...

I love the way that our block has always had a great community vibe. This is why we don't need that lot in the assoc. We have always fought our own battles, and long may we continue to do so. Paul

Matt said...

Which reminds me, did you send the main catering question to the ODA from our meeting.
We really need to get an answer very soon as this is going to have a HUGE negative impact on these 3 blocks.

Tony said...

O yeah, I forgot about that as well. As soon as they give you a answer let us know.

Su said...

Stirling effort everyone!