Monday, 15 February 2010

Overground Closes for 16 Weeks.

As we said way back in October last year ( - our beloved Hackney Wick Station closes for 16 weeks from this Monday.

It's one of those 'jam for tomorrow' stories - 'cos when it re-opens - we should have the best service of any line in London!! So please look at previous blog entries for very helpful hints during this time.

Of course - we could all beg & borrow (never steal!! a bicycle from friends & neighbours - and join about a quarter of the Square cycling around the Wick.


Matt said...

Sóna, did the police ever find out who knicked our bikes? I'm not too sure I want to invest in another one if someones just gonna knick it again.

Tony said...

We should start a group walking through Viccie Park to get to Bethnal Green tube most mornings. If we set off a few minutes earlier, we could stop off at the caff at the pond as well.
It would be so nice to start the day with a stroll with our neighbours wouldn't it?