Friday, 5 February 2010

Fly Tipping Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!

Early this morning - some scuzzbag drove in to dump this lot right in front of the 62-73 block! This has got to be the largest fly tip we've had for a long time.

Sergeant Port has said that we need to collect the times, dates and if possible - registration numbers of any vans & trucks that are doing this. If we can get any pics - it would be even better.

The problem - is that with so many managing agents in Leabank Square - we never seem to get rid of this unsightly problem. Some of us cleared up the last lot of fly tipping a couple of weeks ago in the PMMS managed property. But the Family Mosaic agents for the middle block have ignored any pleas to clear their fly tipping up. This then encourages more scuzzbags to think its okay to dump even more!

Please - if you see anyone doing this - please try and get their reg number and pics if possible.


Zoulla said...

I was so angry when I saw this!! I looked out to check what the weather was doing (morning ritual)and all was fine then after my shower I looked again and saw this!! The sad thing is us Leabank residents's are left to sort out all the mess that these people keep dumping on us as it appears none of the management agents are interested in anything but taking money off us for "service charge". WHAT SERVICE?????!!

Matt said...

When I got back last night I almost killed myself trying to get into our block! Who the HELL did this?! Maybe we need some CCTV to catch these pillucks.

Leabank Square said...

The saddest part of this fly-tipping story, is that a few residents inadvertently contribute to the situation be habitually dumping their bulky waste in the square.
Outsiders looking to dump their waste, enter the square, see that there is already a lot of rubbish lying around and don't think twice about adding to the situation.

Come on Leabank Square!! Let's start caring about our home - if we don't - how can we expect anyone else to!

Tom said...

Shona, I just tried to drive around your side of the square and saw this. let me know if you want help to move it.

James said...

Over here in Wick Village we wait until they are busy at the back of the van, then pull their keys out of the ignition, and leg it.
When the police arrive, and sometimes its a lovely long wait, we then hand the keys over, and let them deal.