Sunday, 28 February 2010

Last Chance to see Lesney's Matchbox Factory

The historic Matchbox factory - Lesney Industries Ltd - is going to be completely demolished this week.

I know 2 separate residents here in Leabank Square who used to work there - and a whole lot more in the wider Wick. If you want to say your goodbyes to this iconic building - a few of us will be taking a few flasks of tea to the towpath opposite - tomorrow at 3pm.

Even if you never worked there - you would almost definitely have pushed around a Matchbox car as a girl or boy. If you still have one or two - why not bring it along to show the rest of us.

The Matchbox name started in 1953 as a brand name of this British toy company - Lesney Products (named after its co-founders Leslie and Rodney Smith), which had been founded in 1947 as an industrial die casting company.

I know we are all going to welcome our new neighbours who will occupy the new creative/residential development - but it is still a sad time for some of us.

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Mary said...

Sóna, it's the end of an era. Now that there's no chance of me being arrested, I don't mind admitting that I nicked loads of cars for me kids while I was there. I wish I had the boxes though, some sell for big dosh.
Still, sad to see the old ship go. I saw the old canteen wall today, bet it's gone tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to think of the final curtain on the Matchbox cars that gave such pleasure to my childhood. I can't remember whether they made planes as well, or maybe those were Dinky Toys or Corgis.

Thanks to all who worked at Lesney!

Dr CHUANG Wei Ping said...

I bought Matchbox toys because I could not afford Dinky.

I was in Mansfield, Notts in the early 80s. There was Arthur Scargill and the Miners Strike. That was the first major issue on Margaret Thatcher's agenda before the Falklands War. I am not surprised that Matchbox, along with other similar factories folded up at this time.

Miners' wives pawned their jewelry en masse to support striking husbands who would not cross the picket lines. I could not bring myself to buy these blood tainted items even though they sold at a mere fraction of the market value when they were not redeemed.

Just so that nobody gets carried away with only happy memories.

Dr Chuang, Singapore

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The historic Matchbox factory - Lesney Industries Ltd - is going to be ...