Monday, 12 January 2009

Bird Boxes for Leabank Square

Have you noticed how few birds there are nowadays? There used to be loads of them when Arena Fields was full of trees!!

We now have to take immediate action to bring them back!!

We are in the process of making loads of bird boxes for Leabank Square!! We will be putting them up in very carefully selected nooks & crannies of the square - in order to encourage a lot more nesting this coming spring.

If you know of any space in your garden that is out of reach of any cats - please send an email - and we can get you a bird box for your garden. There are quite a few different designs - in order to encourage a variety of different birds - if you want to choose - then come up onto the riverbank to see a selection.

In the meantime - please hook up as many bird feeders as you can fit in your garden (again - out of reach of any cats!) - or from your balconies. You'll be so surprised at what new neighbours will come visiting!


Mary said...


If the Olympic lot adn't have chopped down all our trees there - then these poor birds would still have fantatsic trees & bushes to nest in.

Anyway - put us down for a couple of boxes please!


Neesha said...

Hello Sóna

These look beautiful! I think we should turn Leabank Square into a bird sanctualy! First we need to get rid of those flying rats that some people keep throwing bread out to!

But after that - lets stick loads of birds houses up all around the square. Can you save me one please?


Su said...

Hey Sóna

Did you see that Steve over at Wick Woodland said that they have some spare bird houses left over as well?

Maybe some of us could cycle over next Monday to check them out?