Saturday, 13 March 2010

Birds of Leabank Square - Wren

Say hello the newest resident of Leabank Square Riverbank.

He goes by the name of 'Wren' and can be seen flitting around the containers and compost bins.

A gorgeous, little brown bird, with a short upright tail and long pointy beak, he’s an expert at delighting anyone who happens to spot him. He has the loudest, sweetest song you’ll ever hear!

And if you’re lucky enough to bump into him, be sure to be calm and peaceful as he is a little on the shy side.

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Owen said...

You're lucky. Wrens have a very tough time in a hard winter. The population has grown in the warm run of winters but this year will have been really tough. It is really amazing how loud - and lovely - a song comes from such a little body. Even if you can't see the bird the wren's song is quite easy to recognise because of its strength and also the little trill that almost always rounds it off.