Monday, 1 March 2010

Leabank Square Gardening Club meets Sunday 7th March 11am

Just a quick reminder that the first Leabank Square Gardening Club of 2010 - will meet this Sunday at 11am on the green.

As it's the first one after all this horribly cold winter - there will be a walk round first - in order to see how the gardens are fairing. Then a little bit of de-weeding the car-park containers. Then we'll de-weed the wildflower meadow at the front of the Edible Garden. This is really to prepare for the spruce that the ODA have kindly donated to Leabank Square.

That should take us no time at all - many hands & all that!

This is all supposing that the weather is half decent. Should it be absolutely foul and miserable - that is - not being able to run the electric cable out onto the green for coffees - then we will still meet. Only just around the corner at the Wick Cafe in Felstead Road.

Let's hope for decent weather tho' - and that we will all have a lovely day making Leabank Square ready for a beautiful spring!

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