Monday, 12 May 2008

Green (little) Fingers

Over the weekend this bunch of green fingers planted beautiful flower seeds in the central bit of the green.

I have never seen such an enthusiastic group of gardeners.

First - they turfed the rock-solid earth.
Second - they dug furrows.
Third - they planted about 200 seeds.
Fourth - they covered the seeds.
Fifth - they watered the whole garden!!

Thank you ALL for such an amazing afternoon. You will see just how fantastic it'll look in a few short weeks!!


Suzie said...

Thanks to all you amazing gardeners. I live in Leabank Square and get home from work when it's dark, but when I leave in the morning, I can see the green looking more beautiful each day.

Thanks for making my morning stroll very special.


Leabank Square said...

Oh - & I've just been reninded to mention - that the soil was rock hard!!

Because of all the amazing weather we've had recently - the ground was solid.

And yet they all carried on digging....