Thursday, 8 May 2008


Please see the flyer attached – seems like a good way to lobby Mosaic for some better management in Leabank Square!

Want to get on board?


This flyer was just sent to me from Councillor Christine Boyd (an extremely useful person to know - check out: about the Mosaic Big Bus coming to Leabank Square on Wednesday 14th May between 10am & 12pm.

Please - even if you are not in one of the Mosaic properties - see if you can take the morning off to come & chat to them about anything in the square.

We all share this beautiful Square - so let's all start getting the people we pay to do something more with our money!!



Anonymous said...

I can't make the Mosaic big bus (why r they doing it when we r out at work?) - so can someone please ask a question on my behalf?

I LOVE living in Leabank Square - and I love that we can all chat to our neighbours very easily.

But aint it slightly anti-social to keep chatting loudly and in large groups outside your front door late at night?

Your front door is under someone elses bedroom windows. And some houses have very young children that have to go to school the next day. They have to move into a room on the garden side simply to fall asleep.

Please ask Mosaic if something can be done about this anti-social behaviour? Then can you post a comment back on this entry?


Anonymous said...


Is there any way that you could ask just exactly who manages what in Leabank Square?

Who is managing each seperate block? Are there any flats or houses that are privately owned? Who is responsible for the car park line painting? Who is responsible for the lighting? Who is responsible for the general upkeep of the square? I know that some residents have thankfully taken over the gardening - but who used to be responsible and how did they get it into such a state before? an we use this blog as a virtual Residents Association please?!

If you could answer some of these questions here on this blog entry I would be eternally grateful!!

Anonymous said...

wot about people who park their big vans in the square.

this is not a business park. you should leave dem at your work and let us see safeley all over the square. they r also dangerous wen riding around the square.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we need to ask all of those questions above, but there is something I am becoming increasing aware of.

That is the amount of dogs there are now in Leabank Square.

In our tenants agreements, it strictly states that we are not allowed dogs in our houses. I assume the same goes for the flats.

But this year, I have seen more dogs living in Leabank Square than ever before. Not only are they noisy, as everyone seems to be leaving them in their rear gardens, but when they do allow them out onto the middle grass area, they are left unattended. This means that the owner never sees them poo-ing in the square.

I love Leabank Square for it's lovely green patch, and see children play in it all day long. Surely some of the dog owners have children too. What do they do when their children step in the poo?

As I am unable to attend this Mosaic visit due to work, could somebody please raise this issue, along with the previous ones too.

Many of the dog owners live in the Moisaic properties.

Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

Can Mosaic do anything about the dust and noise coming over from the olympcs?

It seems to be getting a lot worse nowdays.

They are our landlord innit. They should be taking anti-social neybours to task innit?

I am just a small cog in the machine. But mosaic carry a lot more clout than me.

I got a doctors on wedensday, so can someone ask mosaic for me please?

Anonymous said...

you know those cameras they stuck up, well do they actually work, and who is watching the monitors?

if they saw all the anti-social behaviour going on untill the early hours, why aren't they doing nothing about it?

Anonymous said...

I can't get off work tomoz, so please can u ask if there is any way that ALL the different management companies in Leabank can have a few meetings a year to make sure that they have THE WHOLE of Leabank Square's interests at heart?

Anonymous said...

Well what a waste of time that was? We are never going to get it together in Leabank Square if we have so many different management companies only looking after their tiny patch of the square.

Leabank Square said...

Hi all

I put all these questions to the staff on the bus - but had a very nice put down.

They took our blogs adress - and said that they will have a look when they got back to the office.

So sorry - but as I am not a Mosaic tenant - I couldn't insist that they answered the questions then & there.

Did any other Mosaic tenants raise any of these questions?

The only bit of info I DID manage to get was that the front block that used to be managed by Ujima - is now looked after by London & Quadrant.

They are based in Stratford - so I will be contacting them tonight.

Basically - all I'm after - is to get ALL the different management companies, housing associations, private landlords & absent landlords to sit down once a year TOGETHER - and talk about the whole square as a single unit - not little chunks of responsibilty.