Monday, 12 May 2008

Olympic Noise!!

Hey Everyone

I've just spoken to Giorgia Sharpe over at the London 2012 Olympic site about the dust & noise coming over the Big Blue Wall.

And she has made a fantastic suggestion!!! Why don't a bunch of us go for a chat in the Olympic Site with her & some environmental staff. We can also see what happens to the data that we see them collect from the noise & air pollution monitors.

She can organise a mini-bus to pick us up right here in Leabank Square & drop us back here - leaving in the early evening - sometime between 6 or seven pm.

This would be the ideal opportunity to get things out in the open as we begin this 4 year journey with our new neighbours.


.... if you're interested - and I KNOW you are......

....... then please give me a tinkle, email or drop a comment soon.

The sooner I get a bunch of names - the sooner we can chat about all the things that are bugging you.


Ken said...

Hi Sóna

Count me in - I'll give you some dates when I get home tonight


chrissie said...

hello sona

its the old chicken and egg thing isnt it.

i dunno when i can make it, and you dunno when all the rest can make it.

i will hang back and see what date everyone else agrees with, and try and come home early on the day.


Anonymous said...


Can we bring our kids along - I'm not too sure if I can get someone to look after them.

Please reply

Anonymous said...

Oh Come ON!!

Are these people taking the pee or what?!

9.00 AM!!
The NOISE!!!!

Are they supposed to work on a Sunday?

Come on Sóna - sort it out!!

Leabank Square said...

Hey Everyone

I need to start firming up some names & numbers for this trip quite soon.

Please either leave a comment - or email - & I can get back to the suits at the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

It's not worth it
Weather we like it or not they r gonna make a noise for the next 5 years and there aint nothing we can do about it

Luke said...


I'm not interrested in going to the Olympic site as all - just get them to fit double glazing to all our flats & I'll call it quits for 4 years.

If not.......


Eric said...

Hi Sóna

Just to give you the heads-up about the wall advertisements coming along past Leabank Square.

If I can catch the guys putting them up - I'll warn them about the Wildflower Meadow & Trees all the kids planted there.

But if I can't - please can someone else who is at home during the day shout out across the canal for them not to trample over everything.

Thankfully I put stakes around each of the fruit trees - so they should be able to see them clearly.

But whats the bet they'll trample all over the poppies, geraniums & buttercups?!


Pete said...


So even now, when the wind has supposedly started blowing from a north easterly direction, the dust is as thick as ever!!

Do these people ever tell the truth?

Can anyone give me the url of the Olympic Comittee Member in Switzerland, who has some control over the ones here in Stratford?

When they did their little visiting tour here yesterday, it would have been nice to collar them and show them this dust cloud over us all.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Eric

Thanks for the warning.

Unfortunately the oafs putting up those posters have already trampled a gooseberry & a white currant bush!!

AND - that was after I cycled over to ask them nicely - VERY NICELY - to please watch out for the kids trees.

I even explained that some of the kids in the photos were the exact same children who planted the trees - but they were not overly impressed.

They still have a long way to go - so I'm afraid we might not have too much left by the time these fellas are done!

If you (or indeed anyone else) sees them at work - please have a friendly word - the more of us that keep asking them - the greater chance that they will be a bit more careful.

Thanks again!