Sunday, 25 May 2008


How does everyone else feel about having macdonalds & coca cola adverts all along the Lea Bank for 4 years?!?

Hackney Borough has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity - and lowest rates of child sports activity. So having 4 years of brainwashing for our kids to make the brilliant link of being an olympic sports star - by eating disgusting tasting burgers & drinking sugar - is absolute genius!!!

The drawings on the posters are absolutely lovely. They have been done by some of our kids in the local schools - but to then re-inforce the link to junk food - is a very disturbing commercial ploy by the International Olympic Authority.

Is there not a white paper going through parliament banning the advertising of junk food outside schools? These posters are directly opposite our neighbour - Gainsborough School - where many of our children go to.

But - more importantly - these adverts are directly opposite Leabank Square - where we all relax & play. Do we really have to have very dubious advertising staring us in the face for the next 4 years?


dgeezer said...

You're right, the kids' art work is excellent, and there's plenty of it too. But the Olympic sponsors suck, especially because they're not even sponsoring London 2012, just the Olympics overall. It seems that money can get your products advertised anywhere these days, even somewhere they really shouldn't be.

Leabank Square said...

Hi Diamond Geezer


What an honour!!

For those of you who don't know - Diamond Geezer is only the most famous blogger EVER!! Please do yourself a massive favour - and pay a visit to his blogsite every now & then.

Forget the Evening Boris Standard - ALWAYS get your London news from Diamond Geezer - he's one of the few people who really knows London.


Thankyou for visiting our small local blog Diamond - you're always welcome back!


dgeezer said...

Aww thanks Sóna

Your new riverside advert works :o)

Leabank Square said...

See - WHAT did I tell you parents?!

dgeezer - I got into a whole bucket of trouble with the parents of some of the kids who painted the sign.

They all went home coverred in green paint - much to the suprise of the parents.

But - during my round of apologies - I said that it was totally worth it - as all you walkers, joggers, cyclists, canoeists, narrow boatists - even joy riders - would know about Leabank Square.

And because of you - I can prove it!!

All you folks in Leabank Square - we now have our first Celebrity Blogger having contributed to our own blogsite - because your kids did such an amazing job with the sign!!

As soon as the flowers, runner beans & baby pumkins start appearing from all the re-cycled handbags on our Lea Bank - we will be even more noticeable.

Thanks for the encourgement Diamond!


taggerx said...

I agree with this blog. I cycle along this towpath and I am already sick of seeing these adverts instead of the beautiful green meadow that used to be all along the canal.

How do these companies get away with replacing green trees (yes many were chopped down to make way for this fence) and amazingly lush green bushes & grass, when as soon as a bit of grafitti appears on this olympic fence, some minions are sent to paint over it?!

I say..... lets get loads of paint, and start censoring the corporate olympics!

If there are enough of us, we can keep up a rotation of censors to keep the olympic people VERY busy.

Colour? How about a fatty, creamy, lardy off white colour to represent the fat these people are advertising putting into the youth of tomorrow!!??


Anonymous said...

And while we're about it, where does the IOC get off on using words like children being 'killed' if they climb over the wall?!

My kids are young & impressionable - and for them to stare at these posters across the canal for the next 4 years - giving them nightmares with dubious phraseology - is an added pressure I don't need as a parent!!

Change the posters - or they WILL be changed!

Denise said...


I've cycled all along the Leabank Hoardings 6 times - and I cannot find ANY from Gainsborough?

I know my daughter did SOMETHING at Gainsborough - but why did none of the artwork get onto the hoarding?

It is the closest school to the olympic site (4 metres) - and as such is the one school MOST affected by tyhe noise & dust!

Sona - do you know if they are still putting up more pictures?


Sue said...


Did anyone catch those useless drunk anarchists going all along the wall & spitting at the adverts?!


What has the world come to when even the anarchists are subdued in the face of a dacmonalds advert?


Leabank Square said...

Hi Sue

Yes - we also saw them. What a bunch of wussies!!

Back in the day - an anarchist meant business!!

I got a couple of photos of some of them - but I don't really want to get them into any kind of trouble - so I'm not too sure if I'll put them up yet!

Mind you - a few scratches & bit of spit is hardly going to trouble the macympics people is it?


uknowhu said...

Have you noticed that a lot of the written graffitti is NOT being cleaned off the adverts!?

Does this mean that we can start having a go at it ourselves?

Why should all the ramblers have all the fun, and not us Leabankers?