Sunday, 11 May 2008

Unseen Heroes

We all throw away heaps of rubbish each week. Imagine if that rubbish was not picked up?

Leabank Square would drown in bin liners!!

I speak to lots of other Hackney Wick residents from all the surrounding streets - and believe me when I say that some homes have real problems with their refuse pick-ups.

Thankfully - here in Leabank Square we have an excellent crew who come every Monday morning - and clear us out of rubbish.

Next time you see them - please give them a quick bit of thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'll second that!!

The guys are brilliant and always have a smile & a larff!!

Matt said...

...... and I'll third that.

They're even quieter in Leabank Square than ALL the places I've lived before.


Anonymous said...

make it a 4th as well.

whenever there is a bank holiday monday, they are here early on the tuesday to clear the lot up.

top blokes as well.

Brian said...


.....but are they quiet?

I live around the corner in Wick Village - and the bunch that come round here discuss their sex lives at the top of their voices right under my window!!

I dont wanna KNOW!!!!

Wick Village