Friday, 30 May 2008


Today was Leabank Square's biggest project to date!!!

We completely cleaned up the Lea Bank!!

After years of neglect by our so called management company - a whole bunch of Leabankers got together today and scraped moss, swept olympic sand, pruned budlea, weeded cracks, washed benches and had great fun!!

We started at 8.00am and finished at 8.00pm - a whole 12 hours of very hard graft - but I am sure you all agree that it is WELL WORTH IT!!

Thanks to all who helped out - together we are all turning Leabank Square into the most desirable place to live in - in the world!!


Brian said...

Hi All

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sorting the bankside out!!

I have lived here for ten years and have NEVER seen the bank looking so immaculate.

So I guess we can bring out the picnics and barbeques now!!

Thanks again!

Kitty said...

When I got home last evening I could NOT believe my eyes!!

The whole legnth of our Lea Bank completely transformed!! What a pleasure to open our windows and doors onto now.

Thank you ALL for this most amazing spring clean. Please let me know when the nexy projects are going to happen, I would LOVE to help.


Anonymous said...

Why u using the kids as your free workers, isnt that extorting them


Leabank Square said...

Hi Ozi


Aren't they great - all these kids really volunteering to make the whole of Leabank Square look amazing for ALL of us.

Instilling a sense of pride & connection with our immediate neighbourhood - isn't that what good communities are made of?

Of course - it would be just as helpful if more adults also joined in.

Please don't be shy - just come along & join the fun.