Friday, 23 May 2008

This is a great new way for us to have better discussions about anything in Leabank Square.

We have started a forum group just for us here in Leabank Square.

I know we have this blogsite & many are happy to simply add comments to any blogs. And some are still happy to send their comments, pics, recipes, etc to the email:

But this forum site is brilliant if there is a subject we all want to discuss in a bit more depth!!

Pick a category - either start a new subject - or join an existing subject & contribute your thoughts about it!!So let's say that you want to discuss the noise & dust coming over from the Olympic site. Pick the Olympic category - then look for either noise or dust - and start discussing your feelings.

Simple as........

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Julie said...

What an excellent idea!

I thought the blogspot WAS a good idea, but this forum is even better!!

We can really get to the heart of the matter if we discuss them in depth. If we can't all get together for residents meetings - this is the VERY BEST NEXT THING.

These two sites can be used as a virtual Residents Association - in fact I think it is even BETTER than hoping to get loads of residents together for a meeting every now and then.

With this forum, we can offer our views when we get a moment to sit down in front of the computer.

Really good idea.