Monday, 5 May 2008

More Amazing Gardeners!!

The two round flower beds at the side gates to the green were lovingly attended by some more amazing gardeners last week!!

They dress like twins - and we're all convinced they're (un-identical) twins - but they're just best mates.

But WOW! - can they plant?!

They planted both large containers with Busy Lizzies in record time!!

Thanks a lot - within a few short weeks they'll be so colourful - you'll have to wear shades to check them out.


Anonymous said...

I saw that someone had put new flowers into the planters - but I thought it was the council.

It is soooooo nice to know that our own kids are making Leabank Square so pretty.

Thanks to everyone I see in this blogsite - I work during the week - but if I have time over the weekends - I will be out there too with a few plants myself.

Thanks again.

Sue said...

I also just saw these planters and they look stunning. I can't wait for the flowers to come out.

Will you take some more pics then?

And also - what about the other round planters near the entrance?

Someone has moved the two front ones off the sidewalk - can we put them back and also re-plant them please?