Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Leabank Square Greenhouses!!

Thanks to an anonymous benefactor - Leabank Square has two greenhouses!!!


We have situated them up on south side of the riverbank - and will be starting to sow seeds at the beginning of Spring (watch this space!) so that we are ready for planting the seedlings as soon as it warms up a bit!!

If anyone has any spare compost in their gardens, or if anyone can afford to pick up a few bags next time you go past B&Q or Asda - please know that we'll be eternally grateful!!

You have got to admit that these greenhouses are very handsome - dont'cha think?!


Zoulla said...

I have loads of seeds so let me know when you're sewing/propagating and your welcome to have some.

Paul said...

Hi Sóna

As you know I only have a bike, so compost is a bit tricky, ut please let me know if you need any lighter/smaller items for this springs sewing, and I'll get on it!

Jose said...

Sóna - same here! Please just let us know when you are going to start with the sewing - and me & the kids will be there to help out!

Derek said...


It's because of people like this that we are going to win Hackney In Bloom this year!!!