Monday, 12 January 2009

Thank You to Laura Smith

Pic: Z

A HUGE thanks to Laura Smith from north Hackney for the beautiful Spruce tree she very kindly gave to Leabank Square!

For Xmas she very sensibly bought a rooted Xmas tree - so that it could continue growing after the festive season - and this is where it's going to do some incredible growing!!

Thanks too - to Sarah - who went to pick the tree up for us! With friends like these two wonderful people - Leabank Square is going to continue thriving for many years to come.

Laura - we hope you check on your kind donation here on the blog - and see it growing as the years go by. More importantly - check out the extremely creative decorations that will adorn it - made by the fantastic residents here in Leabank Square.


Maria said...


Thanks to the lovely Laura's of this world - Leabank Square is truly blessed with great friends!

It is so good for one's heart to hear of selfless, kind & community spirited people in todays world!

Laura - thanks for this kind donation to Leabank Square - we all love you!


Geoffrey said...

Hi Laura

Thanks for your very kind gift to us here in Leabank!

Your tree will be beautifully decorated every year - I promise!

My kids are already designing the decorations - and guess what?! It's snowing outside!!