Monday, 12 January 2009

Thank You to Claire Pollard

Pic: Z

All of Leabank Square sends a MASSIVE thanks to Claire Pollard (& Tom) for donating a stunning Blue Spruce to us!!

Not only did Claire donate it to our garden - but she also transported it over to us!! What a lovely gift!

Claire thought that a Xmas Tree was not just for Xmas - but for life - and chose Leabank Square to give it that life-long growth.

Thank you both for such a stunning gift - and we hope that you'll visit this blog to check up on it's progress over the years.


Gilly said...

Thanks from me too Claire! Leabank Square has always missed a Xmas tree to brighten up our December.

Thanks to you we now have a lifelong Xmas tree to have creative fun with.

We've never met you - but Leabank Square loves you.


Pete said...

Hi Claire

Please add my thanks to your list as well! I see your tree has a couple of buddies now, so at least it has some company!

Claire - thanks for your kind donation, it really looks great at our entrance already!!


James said...

I've just had a morning coffee right next to your tree Claire - thanks for donating it to Leabank Square.

I know it's a bit dinky right now, but give it a couple of years, and we'll all be able to shade under it!!

Thanks Claire