Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gainsborough Primary School next to Leabank Square

We have all lived next to the very grand Gainsborough School since coming to Leabank Square - but how much do we know about it?

Some of us have even attended it as pupils, but as it's a primary school, probably weren't too interested in it's history at the time - play-time was the top of our agenda!

So here are a few facts & websites to help us know & learn a bit more about it - but please add as much as you want about it.
Gainsborough is a growing primary school in Hackney Wick, with a roll of around 350. The school backs onto the Lea Navigation Canal and is within 10 minutes walk of Victoria Park, where they go en masse every July for the Teddy Bears' Picnic.

The families represent a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds and they have a Turkish parents group that meets once a week. They have a strong emphasis on sport and take part in various inter-school leagues.

It is 5 minutes away from Hackney Wick station which is part of the Overground network and we are also served by the 30, 26, 276, 236, S2 and W15 buses.

We need stories, photos, memories, anecdotes, updates, bio's of any teachers you may remember, in fact - anything at all about Gainsborough!!!,19,PRO.html


Lucy said...


I saw this post the other day and I was thinking about all the stuff we used to do at school and trying to think of stories. Apart from the usual ghost in the artroom and haunted stairways I couldn't think of anything interesting.
I've already spoken before of how we used to have PE and random art lessons over the marsh (via our bridge R.I.P) but one thing I completely forgot about and didn't post the other day until I got confirmation (facebook is great for finding old classmates!)... we made a time capsule! And guess where we buried it... yep, our lovely construction site across the canal! This was, Im guessing around 13/14 years ago.
I really cant remember what we put in there but I remember being very excited.
I doubt they found it, but if they did they probably threw it away long ago. Its quite upsetting actually. When we made it we all believed that it wouldnt be found for hundreds of years.

Another joy of the great Olympic monster! :(

One thing that we did that im sure will live on (I hope) is the little woodland/ nature reserve (sorry I really dont know the name of it) that is along the canal, its kinda opposite the houses on Lee Conservancy road. It was completely flat and a waste land and our school took part in planting lots of trees over there. Its beautiful there now and when walking through you'd never know you were in Hackney, let alone right next to a motorway!

Trees are great! ;)


Leabank Square said...

Hi Lucy

That's AMAZING!!!! I hope you guys are coming down to the Hackney Wick Community Meeting tomorrow - 'cos this is exactly the kind of questions that we can ask the Olympic Delivery Authority!!

Surely they should have come across the time capsule while they were excavating the area? Do you happen to remember how it looked? I know it was a while back now - maybe someone took a picture?

Lucy - I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to say a WHOLE LOT MORE about Gainsborough - but especially about the ghosts!

You can't just toss a sentence into the comment section about ghosts like that - and not expect all our readers NOT to want more explainations?!

Did YOU actually see/feel/experience/whatever ghosts do - any of the ghosts? Did any of your brothers & sisters? Mates? Facebook mates?

Talking of which - please ask any of them to add any comments to the blog as well. If they remember ANYTHING about Gainsborough (or anything we write about) - please ask them to send us a few words!

Thanks! Anyway - I hope to see ALL of you down at the Old Baths tomorrow. It should be fun meeting loads more Hackney Wick residents, organisations, councillors, police, sports groups, etc for informal chats!!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Lucy

I asked the External Relations Team about the Time Capsule - and they said they will see what they can do.

It's going to be one of those needle in a haystack situations though - but it would be great if they could find it!!


Lucy said...

Hi Sóna,

Sorry I couldnt make it, I got back so late from college that I couldnt get there in time.

In regards to the ghost stoies... The ghosts name was Annie and she was in the old Art room at the top of the school. Loads of people claimed they saw her but I never experienced anything myself. It was also rumoured that the back staircases (that we weren't allowed to use) were also haunted, so naturally we all would dare each other to walk down them alone!

I have no idea about the time capsule either unfortunately. Most of the original teachers have left now too.
Im gonna post a link to the blog in a facebook group for Gainsborough primary school and ask people to contribute :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lucy Sessions?

I remember every single thing youve said.

David feaver, his wife, lenor, eunice, mrs drummond, the two annes, mrs kerrigan all of these bring back memories.

Annie the ghost too :)

Anonymous said...

Lucy Sessions....

How i used to fancy you! :)

Hope all is well with you and the family,

Bode Ayodele said...

I attended this school. I played for the football team around 1978/79. We wore light blue and purple (top) and white (shorts) similar to West Ham United. There was a overhead footbridge over the canal that led to the school football field. The field, and bridge, I learnt, was demolished and converted for 2012 London Olympics.