Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hackney Wick Community Meeting

If there is anyone going to the Hackney Wick Community Meeting on the 22nd Of January to cause any disruption of any kind – please bear in mind that by far the majority of us want to actually hear what the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has to say.

Of course we are very concerned about the goings on across the canal – but it’s not going to help our cause by being angry & confrontational.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dude!

WTF is this all about?


Anonymous said...


What's this all about? It's a bit strange donthca think?

I've been trying to call you after seeing you cycle in. Give us a shout when you can hey?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Steve said he saw some of us going into your place. Have I missed a meeting?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna


Don't tell me they've got you on their side now?

Did you write this?


Anonymous said...

A TINY bit out of character Sóna. Is everything Okay?

Anonymous said...


The kids said there was a meeting going on at your place - sorry - but I must have written it down wrong. Is next weeks one still on?


Anonymous said...

Hello Sóna

Sorry I missed the meeting (or I cocked up the date) - can you let me have the minutes as soon as tho?

Did you send out the agenda like you always do? I must have missed it?

Whats this blog about anyway?


Anonymous said...

Guess who's been nobbled?!

Anonymous said...


Are you okay? Normally you cycle through slowly all smiling & chatty!

Give us a call!


Anonymous said...

Just got in and saw this are you serious. Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi Shona

So are we still going to this meering or what. All I was going to do is ask some questions. Is that allowed? What exactly do you mean angry & confrontatational?

I AM angry about how they treat us, and I WILL confront them with my concerns and complaints. Why are you siding with them all of a sudden anyway? Whats going down?