Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration Tea in Leabank Square

We will be hosting an inauguration tea party for Barack Obama on the Riverbank @ 6pm on Tuesday 20th January!!!

Those of you that remember back to the summer (all those cold days ago!) will remember that we all knew he was going to win the election - and so we invited him (through his campaign team) to come for a barbie here in Leabank Square - when he attended the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Now that the media are getting into this story in a MAJOR way - there is every real possibility that this event will happen!!

So - in that spirit - we are hosting a Barack Obama Inauguration tea party up on the Riverbank @ 6pm. There will be free teas & coffees - and naturally - blueberry muffins!!

Please all come along!


Steve said...


I'll be there - work permitting!


Gilly said...

Hi Shona

Excellent Idea!

Lets get together before if we need to share baking duties? Just give me the recipe well beforehand so that I can get the ingredients.

Can we get any cheapo American flags as well?


Anonymous said...

Nice One Sóna

But can we please do a barbie with hotdogs instead?

I fancy another singalong along the canal, any chance we can get Alan to bring his singers along again?

Zoulla said...

don't foget the Marshmallows, kids loved them last time :)