Sunday, 11 May 2008

It's That Time of the Year Again!!

Uh Ohhhh..........

There I was - pushing the old wheelbarrow around Leabank Square - minding my own business........

......... when - all of a sudden this thunderstorm broke directly above my head!!!


Actually! The Water Fight Season has started again!!!!

Yes - that's right folks - you heard it here first.

From now till the end of summer you have to spin your head 360 degrees all round you - not to get a bucket of water dumped on your head.

Of course - it's actually lovely to be cooled off by the water on these amazingly hot days - but these Water Fighters work in all weather.

So be on the lookout!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 the heads-up!!

Is it just these 2 water babes we have to look out 4?

How many otherz r there hiding in Leabank Square?

kelly said...

LOL my daughter is one of these water babes,dont worry they will ask b4 soaking you but wait till summer really gets here and all the kids will be out in force with there water guns so bware lol

Leabank Square said...

Hi Kelly

I bet you that all the adults & older teens REALLY wish that ANYONE would soak us on the hotter days.

When I cycle back from work in the summer - I REALLY wish & hope there will be a Leabank Square full of kids having a water fight - & that they'll soak me cooler as soon as I turn into the square!!

Of course - I then pretand that I was absolutely surprised by the soaking - but secretly I am SOOOOOO grateful for the cool water!!