Sunday, 7 March 2010

Leabank Square Recycled Notice Board

Thanks to all the residents who suggested a notice board in last weeks garden survey. What an excellent idea!?

Of course - we couldn't afford a new one (have you seen the prices?!) - but some of us made an recycled notice board.

First - we harvested all the estate agent signs from the entrance for the posts. Then we used a dumped desk top from the bin area. And - of course - we still have a few tins of the purple paint left from the Elevator Gallery.

And .......... Voilla!! Thanks to Matt's W&C for help on heights & positions. Thanks to Tony for help constructing (maybe Family Mosaic will get us a better one some day). Thanks to whoever dumped the desk.

Aaaaanyway - the deal is this - anyone can put up a community notice - providing you date it and only leave it up for 2 weeks. That way - we all see fresh & interesting notices up each time we walk past it. Please don't use it for any businesses that you may run - it's not too community spirited.

So - if you have a bike to sell, know a great plumber, want to put on an event, suggest a picnic, etc - please put up a notice for the rest of us to see.

We will also put up some of these blog entries - so that residents who don't have access to a computer - can see what we are all talking about!



Anna said...

Brilliant!!!!! I fill out a questionaire every week, and nothing ever comes of it. I fill one out where I live, and the next week there's my suggestion standing proud at the entrance. Thank you!

Pete said...

Hey Guys
Thanks for the notice board. It was only when I saw it that I realised we were probably the only estate without one. Now we have a beautiful one. Thanks.

Derek said...

Excellent idea! Just what we needed. When I filled out the consultation, I forgot to suggest this, but I've always thought it strange that we never had one. I LOVE that it's made out of those dodgy estate agent 'adverts' they stick up all over the place without even having any properties on sale in the area AT ALL! I say we collect as many as we can, and build trellises for the wheelie bin areas as well.

Thanks everyone.

Ms Scarlettttttttt said...

So I suggested a notice board and a giant palm tree. The notice board is up.......

Marta said...

Hi gardeners
Shows you how unobservant I am. I've been past it about 10 times now, and didn't clock it. Log in to my fave blog, and I see it for the 1st time. Thanks you guys, just what the square ordered.