Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sarah's President Plum

Thanks to Sarah for this brilliant donation of a Prunus domestica 'President' plum tree.

The President plum is a late ripening fruit that is a large, round to oblong fruit with blue-black skin. Flesh is fine-textured and yellow. It is a vigorous, upright tree that is a heavy producer. It is one of the last plums to ripen in the season.

We have planted in the south middle green planter - so that in years to come we can pick a plum - and take a seat on the green enjoying it's deliciousness!

Remember - you can't drown the plants in these planters - so if you ever have a few minutes to spare - please hook up the hose and give this tree (and any other part of the green) a good drink.


Gill said...

Can't wait!
Thanks Sarah

Tony said...

Cheers Sarah!! Nice One!