Monday, 22 March 2010

Four New Trees for Leabank Square Recycled Garden

Sometimes - out of a really bad experience - a whole heap of good comes..........

Remember that tipper truck that drove into Leabank Square and off loaded loads of rubbish in February?

Well - while we were clearing it - we found a few sorry looking sawn up branches in builders buckets. I stuck them into water to see what would happen - and Voila!!!!

The spring weather, a few weeks in the greenhouse, a good drink, some food - and we now have four new trees budding! One is definitely a Birch tree with it's distinctive bark. One is an Ash tree - the other 2 are still a bit battered to tell - but could be Hazels.

Anyhow - the Gardening Club are looking after them with much love and affection - so watch this space - and we'll keep everyone updated with any news in the next few weeks & months.

Of course we need to thanks the ignorant fly tippers for dumping them (literally) on our doorstep - but I don't want to be encouraging them to do more messing in Leabank Square!!


Tony said...

Told you they weren't dead didn't I? I know they looked horrible, but nature has a way of springing back, geddit?

Matt said...

Brilliant! Maybe we can plant them in Tom's bins?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - that's turned the tables!