Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nawal's Delicious Gift To Leabank Square

Thousands of lovely delicious thanks go to Nawal & Mohamed for the beautiful cherry tree they donated to all of Leabank Square.

At the last Leabank Square Gardening Club day - Nawal couldn't make it - but enclosed in her reply to the last gardening consultation - she made a very generous donation which turned into a scrumptious Stella Cherry Tree.

Stella's are very special & exceptional self-fertile, sweet cherry with large dark red or black fruit. White flowers appear in mid-spring, followed by delicious, juicy cherries which are ready for picking in late July. It is a vigorous grower, starting with an upright habit, spreading as it matures. An early and prolific cropper that also makes a good pollinator for other cherries.

Nawal & Mohamed - thanks a million for your very generous donation - we will think of you both while we snack on your cherries. We've planted it in the greens middle planter on the north side - so keep an eye on it everyone. Oh - and feel free to water to it anytime. Cherries need loads of water - and this planter is well drained - so you cannot give it too much water.


Tony said...

Sóna I'd be up for giving the green and planters a water every now and then but cant committ to a regular day because of the job situation I told you of. Just show me how to connect the hose mate.

Paul said...

Cheers Nawal and Mohamed. This is exactly how good community spirit is made. Good neighbours spreading good food around.

Anonymous said...

What an enticing picture!

isabelle said...

Magnificent.... I grown up with cerise "cherry" tree everywhere, I actually never bought any cherry in uk, first because they are madly expensive and by principal as in South of France friends, neighbour beg you to come pick them up cos of the birds...
I love cherry, and it's beautiful tree....Nice gift.