Monday, 15 March 2010

Tom's Brilliant Drum Donation!!

Look at the amazing donation from Tom!!

He has delivered us 4 massive oil drums for the trees at the stairway onto the Recycled Riverbank Garden. Please just watch this space.....

Today we painted them up in Leabank Purples - and next we could do with some help from car owning residents to collect the free compost from the Hackney Marsh Compost Centre.

Then we hope to be able to buy some willows or olives to make a very impressive gateway up to the Recycled Garden.

Tom - you are an absolute star!! Thank you for all the help you give us - collecting & delivering amazing things for our gardens! Without you - the gardens just would not be the same - thanks!!


Matt said...

Can't we ask the ODA for 4 of those trees they have in front of the catering centre? Mind you - when we asked for compost we got a 2 4 £10 deal from B&Q!
Still - worth an emails I would think?

Anonymous said...

If we get a winter like the last one olives will be a goner, and a flourishing willow will burst out of the drum. Try birch or alder.

Sally said...

Sóna, Owen's right. As much as we'd like to go all tropical, another horrible winter and we've just got twigs & metal.
At least with alders & birches, we know how well they did across the river in our orchard before the olympics chopped them down.
Plus they're cheaper!

Tony said...

Tom to the rescue again! Cheers mate. Thanks for all the compost & pots & drums, etc.

isabelle said...

Again that is so nice, Sona doing all this beautiful recycling idea.

We going once again get amazing River bank to enjoy breakfast, lunch at the sun with stunning surrounding not incl. the Olympic disturbance, Dam.