Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Gently Down the Lea....

Today we had a lovely surprise floating down the Lea. By far the best baker in the whole of Hackney Wick came downstream to visit our Re-Cycled Garden for lunch.

Ben's bread was absolutely delicious, and was perfect for this first good day of spring. He supplies a few cafes down Chatsworth Road way - but would make a great alternative to some of the cafes down our way as well.

We had a lovely lunch with Ben and Joy, Alice & Chris as well. Thanks for the great bread, jam & humous - and know that you're welcome to come & visit anytime.

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isabelle said...

Hello there.
Yes, we were pleased to meet Ben (the baker) today as he wondered in to our cafe. He said he was looking for space in an industrial buliding in Hackney wick to build (with help from any volounteers) a wood fire oven where he he would do his baking. Just to pass the message around, so if anybody knows of anything he will have his contact details on a poster in the cafe. So long. Martin & Isabelle