Sunday, 21 March 2010

Chilies, Aubergines & Tomatoes for Leabank Square

Adul Majid, Aamna, Aalya & Safiri got our veggies off to a brilliant start today with the first Gardening Club seedling plantings.

We cleared the greenhouses and made space for the new seed trays. Today they planted purple aubergines, Tumbling Toms tomatoes, large red chillies & Capsicum chillies - a few weeks in the greenhouse - and we should be able to plant them out at the end of May.

Thank you very much team - we will all be tasting these delicious veggies this summer.


Tony said...

Thanks team. The greenhouses look much better. Tony

Anna said...

Brilliant work everyone. Thanks for getting us off to a delicious start. I'll give you a hand getting the sweet peas sown on a couple of evenings this week.

Gus said...

Saw you guys from the top. Looks like you were all having fun. Let me know when the next planting session is.