Sunday, 7 March 2010

An Amazing Day!!

What a lovely day?!

Spring was sprung today - just in time for the first Leabank Square Gardening Club of 2010!! Beautiful sunshine, delicious croissants, wonderful residents - and brilliant work!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to the green this morning - and sorted out the wildflower meadow. This is our first garden to welcome visitors, greet us after a long day at work, attract diverse insects onto the green - and a lovely place to just sit & chill. That's why this great team of residents turned up today to make it more special for all of us!

The goldest star definitely deserves to go to Matt C - who despite only (temporally) having one arm - worked as hard as he always does - without any complaints at all. Amazing!
But thanks too - to all the junior gardeners who turned out - even though the temp never rose more than 5 degrees - Alia, Aamna, George, Safiri, Shanthi & Sherif - all fantastic gardeners.

Thanks too - to the very generous donation from Nawal - who unfortunately couldn't stay - but will almost certainly come with Mohammed to the veggie planting again!

Welcome too - to Aideen - we hope you enjoyed your first Gardening Club event - long may you & your partner plant with us!

Remember - anyone is very welcome to pop along to these first Sunday of each month @ 11am events. There's always loads of coffees & croissants - and many brilliant neighbours to chat with as you dig, plant, weed, paint, prune, pick & eat.

So again - thanks to everyone who came out this morning - the meadow looks so much better - just keep your eye on it the next few weeks - it's going to look spectacular!!


Mary said...

Thanks to all who made our green so much neater, tidier, and in a few weeks, much, much more colourful. I was a bit too lazy on Sunday, but thanks to those who turned out.

Dirk said...

Looks great guys. Didn't notice it when I left this morning, but when I came back this eve it took me by surprise. Sorry I din't make it I was on shift.

Matt said...

I can't wait for the flowers to come up and seeing zillions of bees and butterflies flying.

Anonymous said...

Well done you brave lot. The sky was blue but it was icy (we were doing a Fairtrade Fortnight stall in Cambridge Heath Road - the side in the shade)