Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Leabank Square Reedbeds Coming Soon!!

Thanks to our friends at British Waterways - we will soon have some amazing reedbeds all along our Recycled Garden. In a few short weeks - we will see some reeds growing up from the straw bales securely attached to the riverbank wall.

Very shortly after that we should see many coots dragging all the flotsam & jetsam over to make their nests amongst the reeds.

Soon after that we should have some of the frogs or toads (never know which is which) that serenade us late into the night - taking up any hiding positions between the bales waiting for passing dragon & damselflies to lunch on.

The ecosystem of our riverbank should soon be teeming with the most diverse & interesting wildlife along he Lea - for us all to enjoy!!


Matt said...

Excellent news. Thanks to all invovled in getting this arranged.

Su said...

I can't wait to see the tiny cootlings(?) swimming around in front of our recycled garden. The birdworlds greatest recyclers, nesting in front if the worlds best recycled garden!

Anna said...

Hi Guys, what a cute coot?! Do you think that lovely frog that sang all last summer might defect to our side of the canal this year?

Anonymous said...

Frogs hop, toads crawl.

Anonymous said...

And frogs are glossy and smooth, toads are matt and bumpy.