Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dumped Cars

The DVLA did a spot check of the car park this morning to check up on all the dumped cars. The officer who spoke to us said there are at least 11 cars that they can tow away in the next few days.

But he also said that there are some more untaxed cars registered to residents right here in Leabank Square. This means that some of us need to act sharpish - and get our cars legal - before the tow trucks arrive.

I know there are quite a few residents unhappy at the amount of dumped cars in the car park - but as a consequence - some of the residents who have their own cars parked here - and may have forgotten to renew tax disks - might be at risk of having their cars impounded.

If you love your wheels - get them legalised.


Anonymous said...

The Bicycle-loving lefties have finally got their revenge . . .

Lucy said...

I thought that if your car is untaxed but declared as off the road, you're allowed to keep your vehicle parked here as its private parking?

I'll be very glad to see most of the dumped cars go!

Matt said...

Hey Sóna
They're a bit small aren't they? I think I was expecting some thing a bit more noticeable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna
On the subject of dumped cars.....

Why are there so many cars under tarp? The car park is a HUGE feature of Leabank Square - like it or not - and to have these ripped, faded, dirty and oily tarpaulins covering so many cars really doesn't make Leabank Square look too nice.
What does the management company say about this?