Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hackney Wick Festival 2009

Please remember to put next Saturday 26th September in your diary!! It's the annual Hackney Wick Festival!!!!

We all remember what an amazing time we had last year - and this year it'll be bigger & better!!

Leabank Square - as always - is hosting the more exciting parts of the day. For those of you that have been around the corner to the Mile End Climbing Centre - well - this Saturday - they are coming to us! They are bringing their mobile climbing wall to Leabank Square.

Real is bringing her incredible dance group - Mezmorize to our green. Some of us have had the pleasure of seeing them rehearse - and believe me - we are all in for an amazing treat.

The Wii fit bus will also be parked in our car park - so please come & watch all your parents make idiots of themselves.

The Leabank Square Riverbank Garden will be having an open day - so come & chill out along the waterside with a cuppa.

Then remember there will be many stalls to browse along.

Of course - this is just the Leabank Square part of the festival - there is still the whole of Hackney Wick to walk around and take in. The most important thing to do though - is to stop & chat to the rest of your neighbours. This is the whole point of the festival. We all get the chance to have a natter.

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Paul said...


This was such a blast last year. I had just recently moved in and to see Leabank Square all out on the green and loving each other was such a great intro to everyone.


Su said...

Hi Sóna
I can't believe its been a year already! This is one of the highlites of Leabanks year.
Shouldn't the mosaic artists finish off last years one before they begin another?
Are you stumping up for the bouncy castle again this year? If so, I'll contribute a bit of my pension.
Is Paul going to row the boat again this time?
Ooh I'm soooo excited!

Matt said...

Hey Sóna
That time again hey? Lets hope we have the same lovely weather as we did last year.
Is there going to be another book fair? I've loads of books I can donate.

Mary said...

Sóna, I know you're not involved in this years festival, but Su has a point that I think you could help us out with.
The mosaic that you guys did last year looks rather rough and the fact that its the most dumped on corner of Leabank says a lot.
Is there any way you guys could finish it off this year?

Suzie said...

Hey Guys, I just found out that your not involved this time round. Is it cos you didnt get too much help last year? So who is involved? Actualy you can tell that your not involved cos I havent heard anything about the festival this yaer.

Suki said...

Nadira, pleeeeeeez could you make some of your delicious scones again this year? We cycle all the way from Walthamstow just to get them last year!
I hope the weather is just as good this year as last. I' will be so nice to catch up and relax up on your riverbank again. See you Sat!

Mary said...


Yes Please Nadira!! Just like last year! Only make extra again so we can scoff them for weeks afterwards AGAIN!

Anna said...

We want scones!
We want scones!
We want scones!

You know Nadira, I have never had a scone as good as the ones you made last year. Could you please give me the recipe if you make them again this year?

Tony said...

I thought you guys weren't going to be here for the festival? I am SO glad you are though! I have some more books again this year in case you're going to do some more fund-raising for the garden. Give me a bell if you want them. I could also help out for a couple of hours if you need a few extra hands?

Jess said...

Hey Nadira & Sóna, can I also add my name to the demands for a good cream tea on the day?!
For the the tow highklites last year were the play in Gainsborough - and your cream tea up on the canal bank! It was the most chilled way to spend a perfect day getting to meet our neighbours. So - if you're not busy doing something else, please could you get baking!!

Anonymous said...

What is up with that mosaic? To me it is an eyesore and it lowers the tone of that corner. I won't tell you what I think it looks like either. It either needs some serious improvement or needs to be cleaned off. If some doesnt do it I might do it myself.

Matt said...

Steady on anon (I'm a poet & I don't know it!) - that work of art took us a whole day to do. Well - I didn't actually do it myself - but I saw the gang doing it! And it was more about creating community spirit than asthetics.
But - I am sure that you're a fully integrated member of Leabank Square - so you'll probably be klending the gang a hand completeing it this year won't you?

Ms Scarlet said...

What's this I hear?!
Nadira might be serving her scones & tea again this year?

You know, I wasn't going to bother staying in the square this year, but NOW!!!


See you there!
Ms Scarlet

Emily said...

Hi Guys
I've been watching you two for the past 2 weeks getting the riverbank in tip-top shape for the festival. Thanks a lot. But do you have to keep at it into the night? When do you actually sleep? You really put the rest of us to shame with your hard work and dedication to making Leabank Square a lovely place for the rest of us. Thanks again.

Betty said...

Hi Nadira
I know I don't live in Leabank Square, but Trowbridge is on a few yards across the road that I feel like I do. So please can I come and sample some of your delicious scones as well? I'll bring a few cordylines as a trade ok?

Colin and Debs said...

Hi Nadira and Shona
I don't think I got a scone last year, I remember a certain (then) 6 year old scoffing it up before I could taste it.
So this year I will get one for each of us - that should get you guys a few more spring bulbs.
Thanks for agreeing to do it all again.
Colin and Debs

Fiona said...

Hi Sona
Just come across your HW Festival item - its fantastic you're going to be involved again, there was a rumour you were going to be away for it! The Leabank Square element looks great and just so everyone knows there's loads more going on. Such as the Gainsborough School fete and BBQ, St Mary of Eton Church open day, stalls and karate in the Hall, and on Eastway Green the Fete is taking place again. And for all those hungry festival goers yes - we listened - and this time we've got food! Yummy Caribbean cooking from Shades.

Picking up on a previous query, the Festival is put together by local residents and community groups, with SPACE, who run the Eastway artist studios. Its open to everyone so please get in touch and get involved for 2010.

Here's to a wonderful day!

M said...

Hi Nadira. Really great that you are raising some gardening funds as well. We desperatly need to start thinking post sunflowers. I have a few things to donate to the stall as well. I'll see you there tomorrow.

mS sCARLETTTT said...


Ms Pink said...

So why is she on the scrounge for some baking trays then Ms Scarlettttt?!
Ms Pink

Ms Scarletttttttttt said...

Cos she's just teasing our taste buds Ms Pink!
Ms Scarletttttttttt

Anonymous said...

What a lovely event. Sona, please tell the young lady in charge of the vegetables that I ate the carrot when I got home and not only did it look good, it was delicious as well.

Anonymous said...
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