Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Sign for Leabank Square Entrance

Thank you very much to Tracie for getting PMMS to erect the new signs in our entrance.

These signs should make a big difference to the school-run congestion that happens twice a day in our entrance. Now that Hackney Council has double yellowed one side of Berkshire Road - there are many more cars parking in Leabank Square - some for the whole day - but most just to drop-off & pick-up their children at Gainsborough School next door.

We all asked Tracie to get PMMS to make signs & erect them in the entrance. The signs read:

Leabank Square
Residents Parking Only

........ and she delivered brilliantly. Thanks Tracie!

Now - all we need to do is see if any of the non-residents who habitually congest our entrance up - actually read the signs and find somewhere else to park.


Zoulla said...

Well done to Tracie for making PMMS finally get these signs. All we need now is for the residents of the front block to stop parking in front of the signs so non - residents can see them!

Lucy said...

Thanks to Tracie, I was very happy to see these signs going up, especially as the parents from Gainsborough tend to park right outside my flat or the front two buildings!

Unfortunately though, this has not stopped the people. Infact just the other day we saw 4 people drive in. When we pointed out the signs we were told to 'shut up' followed by lots of other colourful language.

I also agree with Zoulla, some residents arent setting a good example by continuing to park in the no parking zone by the front blocks!

Mary said...

Very good work Tracie. The square has needed these signs for so long now! Pity they are a bit on the small side, but maybe that would be too in your face.

Anna said...

Sóna, I still have to weave my way through the cars parked right outside my door (block 1-18) everyday. The signs seem to have made no difference at all!
I know we have to start somewhere, but if our own neighbours are still going to park right up to the door, then what hope is there of getting school droppers to change their ways?

Sally said...

Hi Nadira & Sóna
Is there any way we could talk to the two management companies concerned (Hamilton King & London & Quadrant) to get them to install bollards in front of these two front blocks?

I can't recall the amount of times I have had to push the buggy out into the road in order to get out of the square - and a car quickly turning into the entrance!!

This is a really bad accident just waiting to happen! Please let's not be one of those communities who have to use the death of one of their neighbours in order to campaign for a safer road layout!!