Sunday, 20 September 2009

Mohammed's Carrot Harvest!!

Check out Mohammed's amazing results after sowing a handful of seeds just a few months ago!
These were the seeds that came form the BBC's Dig In Campaign.

As you can see Mohammed is very happy with his carrots and tomatoes. Mohammed planted the seeds with his mum Nawal, in June and whilst he was away having fun in Morocco, the seeds were busy growing into the most sweetest, juciest, tastiest carrots you'll ever find this side of Hackney.

Check out the size of the radish that Mohammed is holding - a sure contender in any vegetable growing competition!

Well done Mohammed - you've done the Leabank Square Gardeners' proud! Hope you enjoyed a delicious homegrown salad - and we look forward to gardening with you again soon!

It just goes to show - we can all be enjoying some home grown produce - all you need is a small pot, a bit of compost, a few seeds and a little enthusiasm! So if you didn't get round to planting those seeds this year - have a go in the Spring - we guarantee you'll be hooked!!


Paul said...

Well Done Mohammed!
I keep walking past your two pots and am always tempted to have a closer look. You had a better harvest than most of us!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the root vegetable champion! I've seen nothing to match those this side of Victoria Park.

Suzie said...


Where can I get my hands on some of those Leabank Square Carrots?


Mary said...

Excellent Mohammed! Maybe we will be seeing you on Gardeners World on telly in a few years time!

Alfred said...

Ere, how comes you not selling them veggies then? The market up in Well street is getting dearer by the day, you'd make a killing.