Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hackney Wick Guerilla Gardeners Strike Again!!

With only a few short weeks to go to the Hackney Wick Festival 2009 - our VERY friendly Guerrilla Gardeners have delivered a stunning raised bed for us!

Thank you to everyone involved!!! You have really made this little corner of the Wick beautiful!!

Please - Leabank Square - go for a lovely stroll over the weekend - and spend a few minutes on the new wide corner of Berkshire Road & Wallis Road. There's a fragrant bay tree surrounded by loads of busy lizzies & pansies!

Hackney Wick Guerrilla Gardeners - we all love you!!!

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Debs said...

Hi Sóna
Wink Wink huh?

Brian said...

Thank you very much for making my trip to Hackney Wick station much more enjoyable and colourful!
This is such a lovely gift to the Wick.
Thank you!

Mary said...

I've jusrt taken a detour on the way to get the sundays, and this looks beautiful! Thanks guys! Now please could you change all the horrible brick ones in Ingelsham Walk as well?
It's projects like this that make all our lives so much better here in Leabank and Hackney Wick.
Thanks to whoever you are

Zoulla said...

I'm not sure if it was the Guerillas, but there was a filming crew at that spot yesterday for quite some time so maybe it was added for effect during filming???
Thanks whoever did it :D

Gill said...

Yeah, thanks to whoever did it! Please do much more of this gardening - whether you are filming or guerilla gardening.
How about doing some in the entrance to Leabank Square - possibly this will stop the residents parking on the sidewalk.
But thanks for doing this for all of us, it makes our lives a bit more special.

Paul said...

Hi Sóna
Please make sure that this flower island stays on this oft ignored sidewalk. The guys in the yard next door will probably sell the entire raised bed if you're not careful. I'll walk over with a watering can later when I get back from work. If they see as many of us as possible water and care for this lovely gift, then they might think twice.

Geeta said...

Hi Paul, I agree, the more of us the geezers in the trash-yard see watering the new beds, the less inclined they will be to trash them.
Remember that they are now flush with soil, so it doesn't matter how often they are watered, they can't drown.
This means we can all water them as often as we want. Don't assume that someone else is going to do it - just get out there and do it. Some of our mates from Lion Works have said they will also do it when they can.

zoulla said...

Someone's already stolen the Tree in the Centre!!!!