Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Leabank Square Tenants Association Meeting

Please remember the meeting we were due to have last week is now tomorrow (17th September) at the Old Baths. Hopefully the centre manager won't have messed the booking up again!

And also - please know that although it's called the Leabank Square Tenants Association - Real always welcomes absolutely anyone from Leabank Square, tenants, landlords, housing association managers, owner occupiers, absent landlords, other association members - if you live in Leabank Square - this is the most incredible forum to discuss whats on your mind.

We all know Real - and how friendly she is - well she's just the same as chair of these meetings. Please do come!
Thursday 17th September
The Old Baths
80 Eastway
E9 5JH

PS: If you neighbour is observing Ramadan, please could you pass on all the items discussed in the next day or two - thank you.


Su said...

I have a late shift tonight, but can someone ask about letting the residents in the front 2 blocks know NOT to park in front of the new 'Private' signs. If they park in front of them, how are the Olympic workers supposed to see the signs?

Matt said...

Hey Sóna
Sorry I couldn't make it, is there a set of minutes floating around anywhere?

Anna said...

Hello Sóna, I couldn't make it either I'm afraid. Could you maybe do an entry with the minutes from now on? That way everyone who has to work can still catch up on the discussions?