Thursday, 24 September 2009

Last Chance to See Lesney's

As you all probably know, Maria & a few other residents used to work in the old Matchbox factory down the road. She has regaled us with many stories of how all the women were bussed in to the factory each day - and made those fantastic cars we all played with as kids.

Well - the old building is starting to be demolished in a few days time. It's been our neighbour for so long - it's difficult to imagine it gone!

But - in its place will be the new fantastic artists development! Their will be hundreds of new brilliant neighbours - and loads of them will be artists moving into the studio live/work units that London & Quadrant will be managing.

This is a great thing for the Wick! Remember that once the Olympics are over - the International Press Centre & International Broadcast Centre (opposite us) will be ripe for similar artistic studios. Hackney Wick is fast becoming the greatest Art Quarter in Europe!! And here is us - smack bang in the middle of it all!!

Aaaaaanyway - please take a stroll along the canal to see the last few days of the old Lesney factory. Say a final thanks to Mary & all who helped make kids lives - all over the world - so happy!!


diamond geezer said...

I shall miss the Lesney factory, mostly because I still have all my old Matchbox cars, but also because it's one of the few remaining buildings along your stretch of the Lea that isn't residential.

More neighbours, less history...
...that's modern London for you.

Alfi said...

Hi Sóna
This is the end of an era mate! My Elsi (bless her soul) worked there for 12 years. I remember her bringing some of the old rejects home for our sons. I must ask them if they still have em.
I'll try and have a chat to you tomorrow, but last year you were too busy for chats remember?