Saturday, 26 September 2009

Well Done Leabank Square!!

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For the second year in a row - the sun shone down warmly & brightly on Leabank Square during the Hackney Wick Festival!!

What a lovely day! Judging by the wide smiles - everyone who visited Leabank Square had a great time.

Thanks to Real & Tracie for organising this amazing event - we really had a lovely day!


Matt said...

Yes, thanks Real, we had a great time yet again!

Sarah said...

Hi Nadira
Thanks so very much for the delicious scones!! This has got to be the highlite of my summer! Cream Teas on the Leabank Square Riverbank! Delicious!

Sara said...

Hi Nadira & Sona
Good neighbours, lovely late summer sun, chilled riverbank and amazing scones!
Does it get ANY better?

Tony said...

Hi Sóna
I caught the last hour of the festival, after work, but it looked as if everyone enjoyed it immensly.
Next year I have to get a lot more notice in order to get my shifts rearranged. Well done to Real and Tracy with the organising, and well done to everyone else who helped as well.

Magda said...

Hi Guys
Thanks for a lovely day. I managed to get around to most of the festival compared to last year. What happened to the Community Centre though?
Of course Leabank Square was the best part of the festival as always, especially Nadiras scones!
I go into autumn with a warm heart yet again.

Matt 3 (I think) said...

Hi Nadira and Sóna
Thanks for the Open Garden on Saturday! It really is looking better each time I get to go up, I have to apply for my own key!
It really is the best part of Leabank Square for relaxing.
Thanks again.
Matt (2 or 3 or 4 or whatever number Matt I am)

Alfred said...

Hey Mate
You know, it's on days like this that we should all give our blessings that we live in The Wick.
This festival, alright, granted it wasn't as good as last year, but it still makes us feel all comunity like innit?
Would have loved a dance though.

J said...

Hi Nadira and Sóna
Had a nice day. Thanks for all the brill CD's, it'll take years to listen to. Hope the bulb fund went well.

Maria said...

Dear Abantu-Choudhury's
I had a very relaxed time up on the tow path on Saturday, thank you. Sorry I couldn't sample the scones, doctors orders, but the coffee was delicious.
Are we going to open to Gardens at other times during the year as well? You know me, I'm up at every opportunity, but I'm sure that some of the other residents would love the chance to come and see the beautiful garden as well?
I know that PMT will get their knickers in a twist with 'elf'n'safety, but they don't need to know everything do they?

Jill (Muswell) said...

Hi Nadira
Cheers for making us all feel so welcome on Saturday. It was purely co-incidental that both boats turned up at the same time, but it made for a chilled time up on your dock.
I agree with everyone about your baking mmmmmmmmmmmm.
The garden is deffo the best garden all along the whole Lea. I've never understood why more estates don't get off their bums and make the gardens more like yours. It makes us narrow boaters happy, the ramblers happy, the cyclists happy, the joggers happy, the rowers happy, hell even the joy riders happy.
thanks again for having the open garden, let us know when you do it again please.
Jill (Muswell)

Agatha said...

Hi Leabank Square
Wow! What beautiful sunflowers! The difference between our Trowbridge and your estate is massive. They really transform your middle area and make it feel loved.
The festival was such a nice day, and although I spent most of it on the village green where it was all happening, I'm glad I managed to get to Leabank Square this year as well.
You are so lucky to have the council look after your gardens. How did you get them to get off their backsides? Give us a few clues. We can't get them to even clean grafitti, never mind plant sunflowers.
I'll come and have a break from my cleaning on your park benches every now and then if you don't mind. So peaceful.

Gladys said...

Another Silver Surfer here! Shona, we had a lovely day walking around the gardens. How did you get the crocosmia to grow so well up next to the river? I planted some around the apple trees in Wick Village and they pooped after about 5 inches.
Well done with it all. Please have another open garden soon.

D said...

Hi Sóna, I agree. At first I had my doubts about the sunflowers being too high you know. But the longer they brighten up Leabank, the more I love em. I don't know how you gonna top them next year.

Angela said...

I can't believe that you have created the gardens without any budget. We all thought that you were getting money from pmms. Well done to all the gardening club. I know you said that it all takes a lot longer growing from seed, but that means that the kids learn a bit more innit?

Pat said...

Nadira, thankyou for the chilled and delicious hour spent in the river garden. Now I can finally see what your always beavering away at up there. Its a pity that we cant see it from the front block, but please keep putting it all up here on the blog so that we can follow the changes.

Maisy said...

The sun were shining, the food were delishus, the crack were good, the day were great.
Thank you to everyone involved.

Alec said...

Hi Sóna
I had a most enjoyable day last week. Thank you to everyone. I did notice that there were fewer people this year, but that was better for all us.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What happind to da dancing. It was bare boring man

raz said...

I heard its coz the music give the big guy a headache

Anonymous said...

I know! Who cares about scones. Their for old people. We needed dancing. That hippy's a party pooper! I thought he wasn't even gonna be there. Him and his missus were making out they wern't going at first just so they could then turn up and steal the show . . . with their scones!

N said...

Hey Nadira, the garden up at the canal looks so beautiful. Thanks for getting my kids involved in the veg patches as well. The carrots were delish. Please drop me an email when the next club day is on, they really love planting.

John Dijesky said...

Hi Gardening Club, please remember to keep the sunflowers up for another couple weeks to fatten the blue tits and sparrows up before their journey south.
Please also thank the bird project in the Hype! bus for encouraging more birds into your square over the summer. I will come and speak to them again in the spring, but boxes and sunflowers are the best thing for the birds right now. Thank You.
John Dijesky

Jim and Kate said...

Hello all at Leabank Square
I don't live there, but visited this time last week. We were walking along the tow path and saw you open garden, and simply had to come and see.
We had a very peaceful few hours along the canal, and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you. We will follow your achievemnts on this web log, and visit on you next open day.
Jim and Kate

Anonymous said...

Nice occasion, proper people Olympics!

Max said...

Oh yes I agree with Owen. This is exactly why our square was designed with its unique Lea Bank. Perfect for us to take a relaxed breath on.

TaggerX said...

Hi Dude, back from Cambodia, looks like I missed a stunning day. Are we still on for a spring bulb planting sometime soon?