Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Missing Cat

Please can anyone help find Kelly's missing cat?

She's been missing since yesterday (31.08.09) and the whole family is very distressed. Their other cat - a very cute tiny little kitten - is missing it's older mate as well.

It's the very beautiful black cat with a blue collar. You might have sometimes seen it sunning itself up on the river bank, or in Kelly's block's courtyard.

He answers to Cook or Cookie - and is very distinctive - so please be on the look-out. If you do happen to see him - please take it back to the block 34-45's courtyard - or call her on 07986 147 878.

It must be so distressing losing a pet, so please keep an eye out for their very loved cat.

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Ms Scarlet said...

I wasn't sure about whether to comment, but I will . . .
I once had a cat that went missing, Tiddles, and it ended up coming back after 5 months. I hope Kelly's cat comes back much sooner than that, but i really do feel for her at this time. If there's anything I can do . . .
Ms Scarlet